Support Healthy Circulation With Mobility Foot Pads

Based on Asian and Ayurvedic herbology, BodyPure Mobility Pads feature our unique Good Circulation Formula. These herbal foot pads use far infrared heat to gently and gradually warm for up to 10 hours, dilating capillaries and increasing circulation like no other product available. When you use these pads, expect reduced soreness, greater circulation, increased flexibility and expanded mobility – plus your tired, achy feet will feel better than ever before.

Our mobility pads are the all-natural choice when you’re ready to move past chemical soreness creams and circulation enhancers as well as other patch brands that don’t work. There’s no synthetic methyl salicylate either. Our pads are carefully designed for maximum effectiveness and manufactured in the United States to our precise and exacting standards.

With better circulation and fewer aches and pains, you may find that you sleep better, wake with less soreness and experience less fatigue throughout the day. That means you can get more done while continuing to feel well for longer periods than you thought possible.

How To Use: BodyPure Mobility Pads are designed for ease of use. Simply attach a patch to the provided adhesive, then attach the pad and adhesive to the ball of either foot. The patch does its job of dilating capillaries and stimulating your reflexology points for up to 8 hours. When the pad is used up, remove it and dispose of it. Use daily or only as needed, alternating the foot to which you attach the pad and adhesive for best results.

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How Mobility Pads Work

The first BodyPure product was our detox foot pads. Customers found that they worked well for detoxification and had additional benefits for improving circulation, flexibility, soreness, tiredness and more. Customers also reported sleep improvements. Armed with all these positive reports, we wondered if we could create a pad that worked even better specifically for circulation and mobility concerns. BodyPure Mobility Pads are the result of our investigation and development process.

We cut back on some of the detox ingredients found in our original pads, added more of the ingredients that support circulation and mobility and then conducted new research into what herbs and other substances we could add to the new product to offer even more benefit. We came up with a product that works better than we expected.

Before bringing these new pads to the marketplace, we sought to prove their viability and effectiveness. Thermographic imaging proved effectiveness, as you can see in this image. The bold coloring shows that just hours after placement, there is a significant increase in blood flow. That means there’s better circulation, which can lead to better mobility and a host of other health improvements.

foot patch thermographic images

We also studied the far infrared light-emitting capabilities of BodyPure Mobility Pads, as you can see in the chart below. Far infrared light has been researched for years and has shown promise in reducing muscle contractions and creating an increase in heat transfer. There is even one athletic clothing company that has started making sleepwear that emits far infrared light.

infrared cahrt for foot pads

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Ingredients In Our Circulation Patches

How did we arrive at the right ingredients list for our mobility patches when there are so many natural substances that might help? We started with the best ingredients from our foot patches and then combined them with additional ingredients that our testing showed could help with circulation, mobility and pain reduction. Here’s the ingredients list we came up with:

White tourmaline. This rare and colorless substance is electrically charged when heated properly. The result is far infrared heat transmitted through negative ions that stimulate circulation for better blood flow and many related positive health impacts.

Capsaicin. A stable and powerful alkaloid, capsaicin is also widely used as an anti-inflammatory agent. Recent research has shown that applying capsaicin can also reduce production of Substance P, something that’s commonly elevated in arthritis sufferers.

Peppermint. Featuring a high content of natural menthol, peppermint has been used for centuries to soothe muscles and generate relaxation, which leads to a feeling of better health and greater wellbeing.

Arnica. This is the same agent used in so many salves for sprains and bruises – and it works by increasing circulation. That makes this pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory substance – which also serves as an anti-bacterial – a perfect choice for inclusion in our mobility pads.

Roman chamomile. Both antiseptic and antibacterial, Roman chamomile is also used for skin conditions and stress relief. And like many of the other substances we chose for our mobility pads, it is also known widely for its anti-inflammatory impact.

Ginger. An accepted inflammation-reducing agent used in Aryuvedic medicine and by millions of people around the world, ginger has been shown to have a positive impact for those suffering from arthritis, muscle and joint pain and other conditions that have their roots in inflammation.

Lavender. Frequently used by herbalists, lavender essential oil is often used for its anti-inflammatory properties and as an antiseptic. Additionally, lavender has been shown to promote relaxation and healthy sleep.

Our mobility pads also contain additional important ingredients, including aloe vera, diatomaceous earth, vitamin C, wood vinegar, dextrin and vegetable fiber. Each ingredient plays its own role in increasing the stability, effectiveness and affordability of our mobility pads.

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Get Back Into Life With Mobility Pads

Some people who’ve tried BodyPure Mobility Pads have experienced remarkable results. You can too. So many negative health conditions are based in poor circulation and can be improved by products that increase circulation, decrease inflammation and work to reduce pain, stiffness and soreness.

Better blood flow means better healing, a reduction in natural and artificial chemical buildup in the body and better overall health. That’s why customers who choose our mobility patches have seen improvements in circulation and pain as well as neuropathy, numbness, swelling and other conditions that may not at first seem related to circulation, including fever, sore throat, cough, sinus and skin conditions.

Good circulation also causes healthy cell growth, promotes organ function and makes it easier for your skin and other body parts to fight off bacterial infection. It can increase the ability of the heart to pump at its fullest possible force level, lower heart rate, help relax the heart muscle and lower blood pressure. Brain function has been proven to benefit from healthy circulation, and stress is easier to handle for a body that is mobile, circulating well and free of pain.

Circulation is especially important for diabetics, and promoting circulation in the legs and feet can be critically important for a long life and good overall health for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The risk of many diabetic complications is reduced when circulation and mobility are maintained.

With so many bodily functions depending on good circulation, it makes sense to do everything you can to promote and maintain healthy circulation so you can achieve excellent mobility and live free of pain. While there are other products that can play a role in reducing inflammation and achieving better quality of life, our mobility foot pads can be part of a program to maintain healthy circulation. You may be surprised just how much difference using BodyPure Mobility Pads can make in your life – starting from the first time you use them.

mobility foot patches
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