We are committed to offering you high-quality health products that provide real results. Our original, proven foot detox pads are still a best seller, and we’re pleased to offer a range of additional products as well. Each one is based on science as well as ancient healing modalities and is carefully designed, fully tested and proven safe.

We begin with an idea and work to make each idea a reality using science, holistic medicine, research, testing and every tool at our disposal. From our original detoxifying foot pads to our sports recovery pads, our circulation-enhancing mobility pads and more, every product is designed, tested and manufactured with care and attention to detail.

detox dentist dr vinogradOur family-owned small business was founded by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, Ari Vinograd and Nora Vinograd.

Dr. Daniel Vinograd is a leader in holistic health. He is a biocompatible dentist with a successful practice in San Diego, California and also a naturopathic doctor and holistic healer who has been creating, sourcing and testing health products for more than 3 decades. Even before the term holistic dentist existed, he was on a personal journey to find ways to detoxify himself and his patients to achieve better overall health. The widespread and unsafe use of mercury and other heavy metals in dentistry and the need to clear these toxins from the body led to the creation of BodyPure. Dr. Vinograd personally uses every product offered on the BodyPure website. Dr. Vinograd’s lectures on holistic dentistry and detox for organizations such as the Gerson Institute are broadcast worldwide.

ari vinogradAri Vinograd is CEO of BodyPure and Director of Technical Operations. As an industrial engineer and search engine optimization consultant, he takes personal responsibility for the company’s website. His goal is a safe, convenient website that makes it easy and fun to browse and make purchases to improve the quality of your life.

nora vinogradNora Vinograd is an architect by trade who keeps a hand in the family’s businesses whenever she can. It is her attention to detail and organizational abilities that keep the BodyPure organization functioning at the highest level. For Nora as for BodyPure, it’s all about establishing strong personal relationships and helping people.

Why BodyPure Detox Pads?
Customers choose BodyPure again and again for these reasons:

Free shipping and no other fees. Even for returns, shipping is always free. Shopping online should be easy, fun and convenient, but shipping charges are often the downside of online shopping. That’s why we’ve eliminated shipping fees. We include sales tax in our pricing, meaning the price you see on our site is the price you pay. We still ship quickly – the same day when you order before 2 p.m. – and package your items to prevent damage. We even include a tracking number. And many orders are upgraded to faster shipping just to make sure you’re satisfied.

Referral gifts. We’ve grown because of your valued support, and we like to show our appreciation to those who make a real difference for us. That’s why we offer you a small gift for referrals. Plus, we’ll make sure the people you refer to us get a discount when they order too. When you’re part of the BodyPure family, we take care of you.

Expert customer service. We’re people who like people, and we like answering your questions about our products and our ordering process. We can help you decide which products are right for you. We’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau because of our commitment to quality service. And we speak Spanish too!

Products trusted by healthcare professionals. Our authentic products are trusted by a wide range of customers and by healthcare professionals too. In fact, many health practitioners around the globe carry our products in their offices or clinics. They trust us because we work to make sure that every item is in stock when you want it, freshly made for maximum effectiveness and of the highest quality.

Money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with an order, we’re pleased to offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee with no questions asked. There’s no fine print. Here’s our full refund policy: Everything you purchase from BodyPure is covered by a 90-day no-hassle no-risk money-back guarantee.

Affordable pricing. We strive to offer the best possible value for your money. We want you to get a good deal, so we work to keep prices low so that you can afford the products from the BodyPure line that can make a real difference for you. We keep price in mind at every step of the design process to make sure our products are as affordable as they are effective. And remember that we offer free shipping and don’t charge any additional fees either.

Only natural products. We’re all bombarded with toxic chemicals at every turn, but our products are designed to help you eliminate toxins, not bring more of them into your life. That’s why we make our products with natural, proven-effective ingredients and never use harsh or toxic materials. While many products on the market are built around chemical compounds, we build our products on what works naturally.

Complete product information. We know that our products attract concerned and alert consumers, so we make sure we offer you as much information as possible about our products. Our product descriptions and packaging offer your extensive ingredients lists and complete usage instructions. We also help you connect with customer reviews. If you want to know more about any product, just ask. We answer every question you send our way.

A secure shopping experience. Our website is safe and secure because of SSL encryption, the industry standard for transmitting payment data and other sensitive details. Not only does SSL mean our site is secure, but it proves you’re on the right site and dealing with us, not some knockoff or pretender. Make sure it’s us by looking for green. If you see red or yellow, be concerned; close your browser and try to reach us again. Plus, we continually scan our site to make sure it is virus-free. All of this means your personal details and credit card information is protected by good technology, smart people and sensible policies.

Care for you as a person. We’re not like some health products companies that order what we can find, slap up a website and hope you’ll buy. We’re real people with personal ethical principles that we insist on upholding with every product and every transaction. We’re a family-run company with strong family values and are respected online and in the real-world communities in which we live. And we want your respect too. We believe our products can improve the lives of many people, so we want you to have access to them.

At BodyPure, there are many reasons to make us your choice for detoxifying and health-enhancing products that make you feel better and make it easier for you to participate in everyday life. Get to know us for yourself and you’ll see why hundreds trust us. We want you to trust us too.