Original Bestselling Foot Pads Detoxify Gently

BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads are our original bestselling product, made from natural ingredients including premium-quality herbs and intended to be worn on the sole of the foot for 8 to 10 hours. Use overnight while you’re sleeping to eliminate your body’s buildup of potentially harmful toxins like heavy metals and other contaminants. Over time, these easy-to-use pads do the work your kidneys and other bodily systems aren’t able to do, clearing your blood and your body of toxins.

Effective foot patches like these have been used for years in Japan to help people achieve better sleep and increased metabolism in addition to clearing toxins. After using these pads, you’re likely to wake up more energized and feeling better than you have in a long time. Your immune system may benefit and you may be less susceptible to certain illnesses too. Even if you don’t work in a chemical plant or with toxic materials, everyday life presents contaminants at every turn. Buy you can get rid of toxins with these foot patches.

Each box of BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads is made in America and includes 10 pads. If you buy three boxes, you get a free CTS Used Pad Analysis Tool worth $15. And like all our products, these proven foot pads come with our money-back guarantee.

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Using These Foot Pads: Attach a foot patch to either foot before bed using the included adhesive square. Leave the patch in place for 8 to 10 hours, if possible, then dispose of the pad. Repeat this procedure each night for a month, then continue if you desire and see benefit. Learn more about foot pad usage in our step-by-step guide…

How These Foot Patches Work

If you’re not sure about how foot pads like these could work, the best way to convince yourself may be to try them. We’re sure you’ll be convinced because these foot pads are based on carefully tested and long-ago proven reflexology – the idea that the feet are connected directly to every part of the body, as you can see on this chart:

left foot reflexology mapleft foot reflexology map

As this image illustrates, the front-central portion of the foot has a direct connection to the purifying organs of the body – the spleen, the kidneys and the liver. While it can be hard to believe or understand that such a connection exists in the body since you may not have learned about it in your biology classes, there’s a simple, painless and irrefutable way to prove the connection: Assuming you aren’t allergic to garlic, rub a cut clove of garlic on the bottom of either foot for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Before long, the taste of garlic will be in your mouth, proving the connection between the foot and the rest of the body. This perhaps makes it easier for you to see how placing a pad on the bottom of your foot can draw toxins out of your entire body. It’s the natural biological relationship between your kidneys and your feet that make this process work – similar to how a tree can draw nutrients from the ground in which it stands.

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Does Sciences Back Up The Use Of Foot Pads?

Every day and from many different sources, our bodies come in contact with toxins. They are found in food we consume, the polluted air we breathe and elsewhere in our environments – and many of these toxins that can harm us embed themselves in our bodily tissue, leading to a variety of complaints and ailments. Original BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads have been designed from carefully studied natural ingredients that connect with the reflexology systems in the body. Some of these ingredients emit infrared rays that stimulate the Kidney 1 Meridians found on the bottoms of our feet. This happens in much the same way that someone performing acupuncture or acupressure can generate healing and relieve stress – but these foot pads last for up to 10 hours rather than just a few minutes.

Our detox foot pads also feature wood vinegar that generates a minus ion effect, causing an osmotic shift that helps to increase the transfer of toxins through the skin. This makes the toxin removal process happen quicker than it otherwise would.

You’ll see proof that the pads are working the first time you use one. When you get up in the morning and take the pad off, you’ll see a darkening of the pad. Over the following few days, you’ll see additional visual evidence of effectiveness every time you use a pad.

We’ve sent used foot pad samples to SRC Analytical Lab, and their results have indicated that substances including nickel, mercury, arsenic and other toxins are in the pads after use.

We have also had testing done with a syncrometer, and this matching analysis has shown a variety of substances in the pads, including benzene, cadmium, lead, nickel, DAB dye, fast green dye, Sudan black dye, PCBs from plastics, asbestos, thallium, copper, mercury, arsenic, methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and others. Hair tests of detox foot pad users have also shown reduced toxins in their bodies.

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Ingredients Of Our Detox Foot Pads

BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads are made with a long-tested and proven formula that includes these ingredients:

  • five-times condensed bamboo vinegar extract without synthetic vinegar or starch
  • Japanese houttuynia codata extract containing flavonoid glycosides, pyridine alkaloids and other absorption-aiding substances
  • the king of Indian herbal medicine loquat leaf extract, a rich source of vitamin B17, several healthy acids, carotene and vitamins A, B and C
  • the mineral tourmaline, an emitter of infrared heat that has a cleansing effect on the nervous system
  • wholesome and widely used diatomaceous earth, a substance that can absorb but remain dry
  • fragrant citronella, a deodorizing and antibacterial agent that conditions the skin and prevents sweating,
  • naturally sticky dextrin, a starch-based glue that makes synthetic adhesives unnecessary
  • as well as vitamin C and vegetable fiber
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More About Your Need For Detox

Is detox really necessary for me? It’s crucial for everyone. We frequently wash our hands and the rest of our bodies, but we rarely cleanse the inside – yet we’re in contact with pollutants and toxins as part of life every day, and we need some way to get rid of them beyond what our kidneys and other organs can do.

Are there symptoms of unhealthy toxin levels? No level of toxins is acceptable, but when you have an unhealthy level of toxins in your body, you may experience forgetfulness or brain fog, headaches, a need or desire to eat more than usual, bad breath, fatigue, cold feet and hands, gas and indigestion, lower back issues and other related symptoms.

Why should I bother with foot patches? Even if you eat a perfect diet, exercise as you should and maintain the right mental attitude, you still can’t prevent the buildup of toxins or remove them without taking additional action. You can drink internal cleanse beverages, but these can be harsh and unappealing. With original BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads, you can draw the toxins out of your body while you sleep with no effort, side effects or unpleasantness. And then you can get on with your life feeling better.

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