BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads Work Twice As Hard

Made of natural ingredients that draw toxins from your body – including heavy metals like mercury – BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads work while you sleep. Simply place one of these foot patches on the bottom of your foot when you go to bed and experience up to 10 hours of double-strength toxin removal. These foot pads are made with bamboo vinegar, herbs and other healing and cleansing ingredients.

The people of Japan have trusted detox foot pads for years to help them get better sleep, improve their circulation, reduce fatigue, improve metabolism and remove potentially harmful toxins. Used regularly, detox foot pads can help maintain good health. Detoxification can also enhance your immune system as it improves circulation and helps your body regain its internal balance.

Now, BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads work twice as hard because they contain double the active ingredients as our regular foot patches and others on the market. You may notice a different right away when you start using these double-strength foot pads.

Each box of BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads contains 10 foot patches that work for up to 10 hours each. When you buy 3 boxes, you get a free CTS Used Pad Analysis valued at $15.

Using Your Foot Pads: Place a foot patch on either foot before going to bed. It works for 8 to 10 hours. In the morning, test or dispose of the pad. Repeat nightly for up to a month, but alternate feet. Learn more in our step-by-step foot pads usage guide…

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How Detox Foot Pads Work

If you’re skeptical about using foot patches, trying for yourself may be all that’s required to convince you of the benefits of these detoxifying remedies. The science behind these foot pads is based on tested and proven reflexology and the connection of the feet to every part of the body, as shown here:

acupressure points for detox

As you can see, the central front of the foot is connected directly to the kidneys, liver and spleen. It may be difficult to believe or understand that the body is connected in this way, but you can do a simple, painless experiment to prove this connection to yourself. If you’re not allergic to garlic, cut a clove in half and rub the cut side on the bottom of your foot for about 45 seconds. Soon, you will taste garlic in your mouth. There’s no easier way to prove the connection between the feet and the rest of the body. And there’s no easier way to see how a pad placed on a foot can draw out toxins from the entire body in the same way that placing garlic on a foot can spread garlic throughout the body. It’s the natural relationship between your foot and your kidneys that makes this work – just as a tree draws nutrients from the ground.

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Is There Science Behind Foot Patches?

Our bodies are regularly bombarded with toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe and other environmental factors – and these potentially harmful toxins get embedded in our bodily tissues. BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads are created from all-natural herbs that interact with the body’s reflexology systems to emit infrared rays. The Kidney 1 Meridians found on the soles of our feet are stimulated – just as an acupressurist or acupuncturist would stimulate these areas for removing tension and generating healing. But the patches can effectively stimulate these areas for as long as 10 hours, not just for a few minutes.

The wood vinegar in our detox foot pads creates a minus ion effect that causes an osmotic shift to increase toxin transfer through the skin, allowing the toxin removal process to happen as quickly as possible.

The proof is visible to you right on the pad after your first use. When you take the pad off in the morning, you’ll see a change in the pads. You’ll see over the next few days the changes in the visual evidence. Samples of used foot patches have been sent to accredited environmental laboratory SRC Analytical Lab, which has shown that the patches have taken in arsenic, nickel, mercury and other toxins.

Additional testing on used foot pads has been done by syncrometer. Using a matching technique, this analysis has found many substances in used pads, including methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, benzene, cadmium, lead, nickel, arsenic, DAB dye, fast green dye, Sudan black dye, asbestos, thallium, copper, mercury, PCBs from plastics and more.

We have also tested the hair of people who have used the patches before and after use and found a reduction in toxins.

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Detox Foot Pad Ingredients

BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads contain a carefully developed formula that has been perfected over decades. Ingredients include:

  • bamboo vinegar extract, condensed 5 times for quality and with no synthetic vinegar or starch
  • houttuynia codata extract, found high in Japan, Nepal and Java, which contains flavonoid glycosides, pyridine alkaloids and other substances that aid in absorption
  • loquat leaf extract, containing vitamin B17 as well as malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, carotene, vitamins A, B and C and called the king of herbal medicine in India
  • tourmaline, a mineral that emits infrared heat and has a cleansing effect on the nervous system to help restore balance
  • diatomaceous earth, which absorbs more than its weight in liquid but remains dry and is recommended by the U.S. government for cleaning up toxic spills
  • citronella, a deodorizing antibacterial agent that softens the skins and prevents excess sweating, allowing the foot patches to adhere for the recommended 10 hours
  • dextrin, a starch-based glue that prevents the need for synthetic glue
  • plus vitamin C and vegetable fiber
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More Information On Detoxification

Do I really need to detox? Yes, everyone does. While we often wash our hands and the outside of our bodies, we all need to cleanse the inside too. We encounter pollutants and toxins every day, and our bodily systems need help getting rid of them.

Are there symptoms of too many toxins in the body? Yes, these include unexplained brain fog, forgetfulness, headaches, a desire to overeat, fatigue, bad breath, cold hands and feet, indigestion, gas, skin problems, lower back pain and more.

Are foot patches safe? Yes, there are no chemicals or harmful substances in detox foot pads. The pads contain substances that work with the body instead of against it. Even the acids in the patches are gentle and mild – and about the same level of acidity as your skin normally is. Additionally, these patches have been used by hundreds and tested for decades, and no harmful effects have been found. Most people report positive results in only a few days.

Why should I bother? A perfect diet, exercise and the right mental attitude are crucial for good health, but these things still won’t remove all toxins from your body. You must take additional detoxifying action. Internal cleanse drinks can help, but they’re difficult to use correctly and often taste bad. The need for these hard-to-use products is almost eliminated when you cleanse with BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads instead. Drawing out toxins naturally allows you to feel better and perform better without making sacrifices. Since the pads work while you sleep, there’s no negative impact on your daily life.

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